Friends, welcome to my pipe workshop!

My name Patrik Slažanský, I live in Slovakia. I currently work as a freelance graphic designer and of course I also produce briar wood freehand pipes. A pipe is a beautiful work of art, which not only pleases the eye and soul, but when it bums tobacco, it warms up your palms.

I've been producing pipes for a long time, and I've come a long way since the first pipe I made, but there is always something to improve and that is the thing I enjoy the most.

I always admired beautiful shapes and various designs of pipes to the point that I started to seek out forums, mainly foreign ones, related to pipe production - the materials used, pipe shapes, designs and various processing techniques.

For a long time I collected information, watched YouTube videos and one day I bought my first overpriced hobby block with no grain :) but I didn't care then, because I could get to work and start creating. I introduced my first professional collection for sale in December 2012, which was very successful especially abroad. Since then I underwent professional development and I hope that it is reflected in my latest works. Every pipe made in my workshop is an original piece - I strive to go my own way. I start from classic shapes, but the execution is a little different and based on my current feeling. My works have found their fans in the United States, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Cyprus but also in the Czech Republic and of course here at home in Slovakia.

I'm including a wooden tamper and some odds and ends as a bonus with my pipes, which I assume will be appreciated by anyone who purchases a pipe from my workshop.

I hope my portfolio of works will grow and I will create many more pieces that will find their owners and fans.

I wish you a nice day and "cool" smoke.

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